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eHarmony jQmt70
Dec 1

Planning to move to new auto insurance company. Currently I have farmers and I have plans to switch to other companies. Paying ,125$(included OEM+ deductable 750$ zipcode 94560).Car Model 2013 Nissan Altima SL Model. Suggest me some insurance companies which can give better quote than this(new zip code 95035).


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  • Palo Alto Networks / Eng

    Palo Alto NetworksEng

    Cisco, McAfee
    Sounds like the OP is planning on getting into a lot of accidents. OEM = original equipment manufacturer
    Dec 11
    • Google / MgmtMyBreezy
      Maybe OP should get a bumper car instead 😂
      Dec 2
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    How would we know? What coverage levels are you looking for, what is your gender, age, driving experience, accident history, is the car garaged, etc.?

    All those data points factor into a quote.
    Dec 10
  • LinkedIn Amazonia
    You can always get a quote from geico by putting in the details online. Just give them a fake email ID if you don't want to commit. They turned out much cheaper for me as opposed to nationwide.
    Dec 10
  • RackWare Dreamlight
    $125 monthly?!
    Dec 20
  • RingCentral / Eng


    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    Why is OEM so important??
    Dec 10
  • eHarmony jQmt70
    Problem with GEico is they don't support OEM.
    Dec 10

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