Illumina tech lead
May 8 6 Comments

Brother is a recent game design grad. Moving more into software dev. Can anyone recommend a quality bootcamp that can handle entry level placement in tier3/2 companies?

I’ve heard the good ones are the free ones that are difficult to get into? :)

East coast preferred. But could also make SoCal work.


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  • Snapchat snap
    Leetcode is the only bootcamp you need
    May 8 1
  • Amazon 22/7
    Is it a bachelor degree? How many years did it take? Is it some special or sister field of CS, like Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, or ML?
    May 8 2
    • Amazon mUwn3e
      You dont need anything to master bfs/dfs algo and maybe the parking lot design question lol
      May 8
    • Illumina tech lead
      Yes new grad from not a top tier school. It took a long and involved a non cs bachelors first. Not enough experience to get an interview (I suspect). Hence why I though a bootcamp would be a good path forward - a way to vet the candidates.
      May 9
  • Illumina tech lead
    He could benefit from a more hands on / guided bootcamp. Interview tips. Prep. Contacts etc etc. Agreed leetcode is all that’s needed but looking for another option. Surely others have done this ?
    May 8 0