Bothell to Bellevue downtown travel time

Limeade / Product RJen
Jun 29 5 Comments

How much does it take on an average to drive from Bothell to Bellevue downtown at peak hours (say around 8 or 8.30am?


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  • Amazon Beff-Jezos
    I do that every day on HOV. 25-min on Mon/Fri and 35-min the remaining weekdays.
    Jun 30 1
    • Limeade / Product RJen
      Thank you!
      Jun 30
  • Microsoft lkbp00
    Depends. Are you paying for hov or not?

    Without, about 30 min. With would be about half that.
    Jun 29 1
    • Limeade / Product RJen
      Thanks for sharing!
      Jun 30
  • Amazon Shabeerr
    Jun 29 0


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