Buzzfeed laid off 15% of their workforce

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Jan 24 14 Comments

About that time


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  • Google NBwU26
    For a very strange reason , to find out click..
    Jan 24 1
  • Snowflake Computing DingDongD
    7 reasons why BuzzFeed laid off their staff.

    BuzzFeed laying off staff actually makes sense. Here's why.
    Jan 25 0
  • Rubrik injunujni
    Software Engineers HATE this one trick
    Jan 25 0
  • Microsoft *cW2x91p
    trash "journalism"
    Jan 24 0
  • New / Eng 👑kong
    You will never guess why they didnt show up next morning...
    Jan 25 1
  • On Friday, this company is mostly empty. Find out why below.
    Jan 25 0
  • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
    BuzzFeed staff was laid off for this very simple reason...
    Jan 25 0
  • Probably in response to a fb news feed algo update
    Jan 25 1
    • Pegasystems mοderatοr
      Improvement Needed. Not a team player.
      Jan 25
  • BuzzFeed buzzf33dr
    The real number is much higher as freelancers don’t get counted. I’d say 20-30% with another 10%+ having left the company within the past few months.
    Jun 1 1
  • fiVn5$!Br
    Anyone internal actually know why people are being laid off?
    Jan 25 0