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Underemployed and way too smart for this to last.
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Any advice on job hunting while in school for those just beginning an MBA program? (someone intent on maximizing earning potential)


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  • Start networking now. Intern as much as possible.
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    New Finance

    Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Square, GitHub, Enjoy
    what kind of job are you looking for?
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    • New / Finance vtja52
      I think I would do much better dealing with people, that my personality type. Accountants are backend quite people and I don't want to be stuck in that career path for my life. I think I would be great at consulting, business development, marketing and implementing strategy just not accounting. But I have been in this feild for 5 years now and fear that my current experience and skills are not aligned to where I need to be. Therefore, I joined part time MBA program at ohio state, top 15 in part time program with hope of expanding my network and discovering what I want to do. Shit Adulting is a Scam!
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    BlackRock Finance

    BNY Mellon
    Yeah plus if you are at a good MBA program you won't have any issues
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  • New / Finance vtja52
    I am on the same boat as you. And I work in accounting in Mid west. Kind of boring. What are my options. Any feed backs are appreciated. Thank you.
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