Career switch from Software Sales to Venture Capital?

Twilio APIs FTW
Jun 23 3 Comments

Has anyone successfully made the switch from sales in technology to Business development at a VC/Private Equity firm, or heard of it being done? Follow up question, I would think an MBA at minimum would be required, but would a lack of formal Finance/Accounting education be a prohibitor? 5 YOE in Sales


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    Facebook Eng

    What role at VC firm?
    Jun 23 2
    • Twilio APIs FTW
      Something along the lines of a senior sales executive, on the front lines hunting for startups in the growth phase, and adding to the firm’s portfolio. Curious what others have done and what roles are common.
      Jun 23
    • Twilio APIs FTW
      I’m seeing Director/Manager of Business Development as a common role.
      Jun 23