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Google / Eng yeri
Jan 4 15 Comments

Why is there not a category for every gender?


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  • Collective Health AliceP
    There ought to be a men in tech. What’s wrong with allowing men to organize? The fact that men dominate he industry is not a valid argument.

    The answer is liberalism demands that certain groups be deemed victims and others as oppressors. Men are oppressors so they can never advocate for themselves.
    Jan 4 2
    • Snowflake Computing christianK
      I like you.
      Jan 4
    • Sumo Logic Ctrdbi3689
      Ugh this is the same tired dark web argument. Minority groups organize because they usually don’t have access to the same opportunities their majority counterparts can participate in without organizing. Thus, they organize to share resources and network to achieve opportunities of the majority. No “‘insert minority group here’ in tech” group is about victimizing or demonizing anyone.

      As misguided as some liberals are, the anti-liberalism hype train is worse.
      Jan 4
  • The New York Times moony
    “Men in tech” is literally everywhere else. True that Blind should consider a Trans or lgbt in tech category, though.
    Jan 4 2
    • Google / Eng yeri
      If it's not explicit, is it there??
      Jan 4
    • The New York Times moony
      Is “men in tech” a category even if it isn’t explicit? In a male dominated industry — yeah, it sure seems like it.
      Jan 4
  • New / Eng IcanC#
    Usually, we dont care
    Jan 4 2
    • Google / Eng yeri
      Jan 4
    • New / Eng IcanC#
      I guess I sounded like a douche, was not the intention at all, I agree with the other post, men in tech is pretty much anywhere, and would make more sense for trans or LGBT
      Jan 4
  • Flagged by the community.

    • Microsoft / Product MrHyde🎃🎃

      1. It's a moving Target
      2. It makes no biological sense
      3. It's just stupid
      Jan 4
    • Atlassian / Eng
      Luffy, M.D

      Atlassian Eng

      A prematurely grumpy somewhat old man
      Luffy, M.Dmore
      The problem with saying there are 30 genders is that gender isn't only one thing. It's always at least 3 (and if you count sex or gender at least 9):
      1) what a person sees themself as
      2) what a person presents to the world (one could split this into social and physical things)
      3) what any given other person interprets #2 as
      And if you treat sex and gender as synonyms, we add:
      4) what genes a person has
      5) what sex hormones a person has
      6) what internal sexual organs a person has
      7) what external sexual organs a person has
      8) what biological secondary sexual characteristics a person has
      9) how one is legally classed

      Now, for the vast majority of people, we're either M or F for all 9. For the next most common group of people, their #1 doesn't match 2-9 initially but their goal seems to be to adjust 2 and some of 4-9 as with the primary goal of getting #1-3 to all match their self perception.

      While there's nothing wrong with someone where #1 is neither M nor F and where there is not a clear presentation of 2, the idea that we need more than one word for that or that we need to recognize minute distinctions is silly.

      Similarly, the argument that we have an obligation to check so as not to "misgender" someone is silly. if you are nonbinary (or whatever) but present as M or F enough that someone guesses wrong, or if you are trans but early enough at it that someone guesses wrong... that is not a giant personal slight.
      Jan 5
  • Just repurpose this Category.

    If you want a Man Topic then put it in here. 👨 👦 👶
    Jan 4 0
  • Microsoft ivanka
    There are 2 genders
    Jan 5 1
    • Google / Eng pamola
      Unpopular opinion
      Jan 5

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