Certified Analytics Professional certificate

Morgan Stanley bluejay_
Jul 19 7 Comments

Is the Is the Certified Analytics Professional certificate recognized among data analytics professionals and recruiters?


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  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Nobody of value in the tech industry in Bay Area believes bs industry certs like the one u mentioned. Elsewhere it may help, but regardless I believe you can spend your time on more useful things.
    Jul 19 0
  • Brillio Unzm84
    It depends on the role you applying but certainly it will add some value
    Jul 19 0
  • TaskUs autobats
    This ^
    Jul 19 0
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Spend time learning more python, more sql, and more AWS. That will get you much further in the tech industry
    Jul 19 0
  • Aflac glxT10
    I got it a few years ago. It didn’t help in a material way, however, there were some benefits.

    1) It helped reinforce my credibility within my current company which later lead to a promotion.

    2) A recruiter once mentioned they were interested in me applying to a position because of it.

    I think its a good certification, but the field is so hot right now employers will hire anyone with some experience. I also have a job alert for positions in the U.S requesting it. I only see a posting every few weeks.
    Jul 19 0
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Probably won’t help much as an actual portfolio on GitHub or similar.
    Jul 19 0
  • Magic Leap jsidkfie87
    Depends on how you present it to the interviewers. Don’t present it like any random certs you get from the street. Use it to show how you are enthusiastic about the field.
    Jul 19 0


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