Changing Teams in Same company before joining

Nov 15 5 Comments

A company applied for my work visa last year, and gave the details of my team, manager and compensation to USCIS

But, that team can no longer wait for me, and I have to now join another team at the same company

My H-1b visa is not yet stamped, and I will be going for the visa interview in 15 days

What complications are going to happen, and how big is the risk of me losing the visa?


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  • Amazon Alexa.
    there are no complications as long as the new team and old team are under the same legal entity of the company and in the same location. If either of them change then you need to get a new approval - for location change it would be just an amendment to approved petition, for legal entity change it would be entirely new H1b petition. But ofcourse check with your attorneys as well.
    Nov 15 3
    • Oracle pzd
      The job responsibilities (category) and salary has to remain the same too.
      Nov 15
    • Amazon Alexa.
      that’s true, since it’s a new job i assumed it would be same.
      Nov 15
    • Oracle pzd
      In that case, the USCIS doesn't even have to know about this change of team. From their pov, the distinction is immaterial. Our lawyer always advised me strongly against volunteering more information to USCIS than strictly necessary.
      Nov 15
  • Autodesk auto-mate
    Just pretend that you are joining the same old team and get everything done and keep it simple. Since it’s the same company and I assume your job duties will mostly be there’s no issues.
    This change could have happened soon after you join the company. So it’s all the same.
    Nov 15 0


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