Chicago area startups/FAANG referral?

Sep 17 3 Comments

SW. 6 yoe. $150 TC. worked for FAANG company in the past. Chicago market is very disappointing (small, low pay, corporate-like). I am looking for a role in a startup, preferably early stages. Important that it's a strong team (I still want to learn and use best practices, unlike legacy code I am dealing with daily), good benefits/pay/perks etc', and obviously something with a bright future (nobody can tell, but what's your 50 cents?).
Another option is a FAANG (or alike) company. Those definitely have no ground in the Midwest. Currently open for Microsoft or any FAANG but Google that I am not aware of (didn't start LC yet. Saving for later).
If you like where you are working then it is probably what I am looking for.


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  • Zynga parott
    What about citadel/jump/3red partners ?
    Sep 17 1
    • OP
      Not sure it's what I am looking for. Those are probably the only ones that pay well but I don't want FinTech focused company (unless it's a startup). Not looking for corporate like environment
      Sep 18
  • DocuSign D℞. Mario
    DM if you are interested in DocuSign. There are some interesting projects getting started here in Chicago office.
    Sep 19 0