Cisco should have created AWS

Amazon nrxW04
Jun 3 23 Comments

Google should have created Siri or Alexa
Microsoft should have created virtualization
Netflix should have created iTunes
Nokia should have created iPhone

These companies had the exposure to opportunity and technology but they couldn’t pull it off.

What other blatant misses exist in the tech world ?


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TOP 23 Comments
  • Lol then IBM should have invented almost everything .
    Jun 3 7
    • Oh shit nice hash
      Jun 3
    • Amazon nrxW04
      Wow. I didn’t know that. I thought ibm is an old consultancy firm
      Jun 3
    • Ibm puts out more patents ever year even today then google, amazon or Microsoft does. Over 8000 last year.
      Jun 3
    • Microsoft / Eng BamI53
      ibm was the only great company many years ago but it’s not shiny any more nowadays. They also invented service-oriented architecture if I remember correctly.
      Jun 3
    • You take that back, Microsoft
      Jun 3
  • Amazon / Eng DeepObsess
    Yahoo is the king of should haves. They invented search, online market place, paid music subscription, cloud storage, they got TVs to run their widgets etc... you name it... They got all the right idea just failed to execute
    Jun 3 1
    • Cisco ()()($()
      They did well for fantasy football at least
      Jun 3
  • Doesn't google assistant top Alexa? I mean Siri is a joke, its kinda insulting to the other 2 to even bring it up
    Jun 3 0
  • Facebook ishygddt
    netflix existed before itunes??
    Jun 3 2
    • Amazon nrxW04
      Not sure. But I feel they should have entered that field. Movies belong to them. Why not music
      Jun 3
    • iTunes released in 2001 and was dominant well before Netflix started streaming in 2007.
      Jun 3
  • Microsoft should have invented Google
    Jun 3 1
    • Apple Hansel2
      At least should have bought it
      Jun 3
  • New QIqk53
    Chucky is too busy letting his ELT ladies run Cisco into the ground and with massive layoffs and pay cuts coming to think up and execute a good idea like that.
    Jun 3 0
  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    Microsoft should own 20% of all tech companies that started after year 1995. Atleast.

    Thanks Ballmer.
    Jun 3 1
    • Marqeta lil_zucky2
      Jun 3
  • Amazon ezy
    I should have created this universe
    Jun 3 0
  • Cisco / Product U there
    Any tech company with bitcoin
    Jun 3 0
  • Microsoft biggysmall
    Xerox would have owned the world if Steve Jobs didn’t “steal” the mouse and GUI
    Jun 3 0
  • Google


    Sun should have created cisco
    Jun 3 0


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