Companies without behavioral interviews for new grad SWE?

May 7 9 Comments

Google has added a behavioral round to their L3 interviews like many of its peers.

I absolutely hate behavioral interviews because I have a speech impediment that makes me a pretty poor storyteller. This doesn't mean that I'm a poor communicator. I can communicate perfectly fine in technical interviews and with team members at work.

I just don't have a knack for selling bullshit. An uneventful situation presented colorfully is usually more impressive than a very impactful exhibition of leadership presented blandly. I can write a good story but I absolutely cannot tell one without sounding like either a moron or an ESL student.

Are there any Google-tier companies that have an entirely-technical interview loop?


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  • New vvo
    Fb has, 2s has like 3, stripe has, quora has, Uber atg has. Oh rubrik doesn’t have. You would really be limiting yourself... I don’t think the behavioral rounds are that nitpicky esp for new grads; just making sure you’re not a bad person to work with, how you communicate, and you as a person.
    May 7 0
  • Google dontbe3vil
    Let your recruiter know about your speech impediment. They will make an allowance for it.
    May 7 1
    • Google Dilge
      Google is good about that. They will make sure interviewer knows what's up and then you basically pass that interview no matter what unless you fuck it up somehow. Welcome to diversity.
      May 8
  • New pbYo77
    Is that new? I interviewed in March and didn't have any behavioural rounds
    May 7 0
  • OP
    Added starting April this year
    May 7 2
    • New pbYo77
      So is it 5 technical + 1 behavioural or 4 technical + 1 behavioural?
      May 7
    • OP
      I believe L3 is 4 technical and 1 behavioral
      May 7
  • eBay tonytony
    intervkewed in Feb. no behavior round
    May 7 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Amazon, Zillow Group
    Yaa is it new? So what are the rounds that Google has?
    May 7 0