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Airbnb PiVg77
Jun 11 7 Comments

What would be a good position in a tech company for a consultant from a Big Three firm to apply to? One of my friend is hoping to break it into the tech industry and he’s primarily looking at opportunities in the Bay Area.

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  • New litasf
    Product Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Business Development.
    Jun 11 5
    • VMware / Product lRQQ72
      God no, why product? The best product managers were previously devs or other technical positions!
      Jun 11
    • Tektronix GfzN06
      Imagine a world where products were all developed by engineers...sounds miserable
      Jun 11
    • American Express vista133
      @VMware, while I agree and understand that as an engineer, the best PMs to work with are former engineers who know and speak tech language... it is fair to admit that best PMs are those who vaguely understand tech but have exceptional Product mentality, which is rare. Would you agree?
      Jun 11
    • VMware / Product lRQQ72
      Vista, yes I agree with all points. But I see so many fucking consultants from the Big4 coming in and thinking they can run product without any technical knowledge. Fuck them and their MBAs!
      Jun 12
    • American Express vista133
      I feel you buddy! I think it is relatively easy to gain respect from engineers when you engage with humility and recognize their strengths and shield them from crazy business requirements. In turn they appreciate to feel the PM is on their side. It is all about the ability to create followership which we don't learn in MBA classroom.
      Jun 12
  • SEMI osMS13
    Corporate strategy, M&A
    Jun 11 0


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