Courses/Certificates for Mid-Career Advancement?

New / Eng MDOy74
Sep 7, 2017 1 Comment

As a senior developer with 15 years of dev experience, what would do the most for career advancement? I enjoy development, but I also want to do big picture stuff that has enough value to earn more than just a senior dev / architect salary.

Should I just work on a Master's degree in CS and specialize in something complex?

Should I get an MBA and transition into a management / business role with a heavy hands-on tech background?

Should I take free/cheap Coursera courses in valuable skills like ML or data analytics and transition to a higher paying dev role?

I love what I do now (front-end development), but I don't see a path to a significantly higher salary band as a front-end developer.



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  • Wells Fargo bpiS06
    Continue to take free stanford/coursera courses. Maximize stock market investments. Look into starting your own tech or fintech company
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