Designers - where do you learn all the workshop stuff?

Airbnb djwjzbxh
Jun 19 8 Comments

Working with some talented designers coming from design agencies, I’m definitely feeling the imposter syndrome that I barely know how to run an effective workshop. The only workshop format I know is Google Design Sprint.

I’m curious if there’s any good resource or books or course I can use. Any recommendations? Also open to multi-day training if the expense is not crazily high.


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  • Google GJqu34
    Check out IBM design thinking (Google for it). IBM was behind on a lot of things but they somehow caught the design wave early and have been operationalizing design thinking workshops since 2014.
    Jun 19 0
  • eHealth / Design

    eHealth Design

    Gamestorming by Dave Grey is where I’ll gather pieces to build my workshops. There’s another one i can’t remember the title of. Working with a lot of agencies has also helped me refine my process (Ideo, Pivotal, most of them have their stuff documented). It’s been a lot of learn by doing.
    Jun 22 0
  • Grab whatalife
    The answer is in your tags. Ideo provides great resources to learn different types of workshops

    In terms of courses you can consider
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  • Amazon / Mgmt B-Lumbergh
    Depending on your specialty, there are a lot of good conferences and meetup groups you can go to.
    Jun 19 1
    • Airbnb djwjzbxh
      I’m a UX designer
      Jun 19
  • Google / Design pitoak
    Facilitation: by Design through AIGA is great
    Jun 19 1
  • Mozilla / Design ToadNode
    “This is Service Design Doing” book covers workshop facilitation
    Jun 21 0