Do you have separate phone for work?

Microsoft ncd20
Jan 20 7 Comments

Our work requires us to use our personal phones as a 2FA device and I'm very concerned that they are monitoring and spying me. Of course they say they are not, and even though MSFT has the best ethics out of all the tech companies, I don't feel comfortable.

I'm heading down to this decision I was trying to avoid - I need two phones, one for work, one for personal use. Right now there's too high a chance that I accidentally send personal shit to my colleagues. They are coming up as suggestions when I share pics! Fuck Android for this.

Is this the conclusion that others in tech have come to?


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  • Microsoft BarFoo
    I use my phone with 2FA, but I didn’t install InTune. If the Authenticator app ever requires InTune, I’ll delete the app and they can deal with me not being able to auth to things.

    Just don’t install InTune and you’re fine. They can’t monitor you through Authenticator.
    Jan 20 2
    • Microsoft ncd20
      If I don't do Intune, I don't get Outlook and teams. Which kinds of defeat the purpose of having a phone to check on work stuff.
      Jan 20
    • Microsoft BarFoo
      You can get Outlook by using the web version. But no teams. It’s their problem. My phone only is used for Authenticator or for paging me when I’m on call. I’ll ack and get to a computer as soon as I can.
      Jan 20
  • HCL vip567
    Some companies used stingrays in office
    May 21 0
  • I have two phones. One personal and one provided by work. I try to keep my work phone strictly for work purpose only, but I do have some personal info/apps on my work phone as well - also make some personal calls/texts from work phones. Recently, I started to notice when I make calls on my work phone, the VPN logo turned on. What does this mean, is my company spying me?
    Jan 20 0
  • LinkedIn g6Fja2
    We have the option of either using a work phone or get reimbursed $80/mo for using our own phone
    Jan 20 0
  • New b37
    I have to use my personal phone for work and wish I could keep things more separate. We have Viber to keep in touch outside work hours, and who likes seeing those horrible notifications when not at work?
    Jan 20 0


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