Do you think this is anti-Semitism?

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Jan 26 7 Comments

I am not buying it. But why in the world didn't he take ownership of his hygiene and for God's sake, if you have eight children at home don't fly and expect no delay can be afforded.

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  • They are bullshitters hoping to make money from a class action.
    Jan 26 0
  • Hopefully he cleaned himself before he boarded the next flight.
    Jan 26 0
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    "this is Captain Borat speaking. We are now ready for departure"
    Jan 27 0
  • Amazon Jеff Bezоs
    “You told me for religious reasons you don’t shower?” 😂
    Jan 26 0
  • Gusto gsto
    Jan 27 0
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    I'm guessing he was stinky. There is plenty of anti-Semitism but this would be atypical.
    Jan 27 0
  • I can’t imagine how bad it was to be booted from the flight .. it sounds more like onion than news
    Jan 26 0