Electric Bikes

Northrop Grumman / EngHowCouldYu
Feb 24

ONYX Motorbikes are about to take this industry by storm. Well at least until the Harley electrics come out:


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  • Cisco / Eng8===D☄️☄️
    Heard about these in the Bay -
    Feb 241
    • Northrop Grumman / EngHowCouldYu
      Yeah but those zero bikes are expensive.. on the order of 10k+ just to start.

      These Onyx bikes are 3.5k and have the pedals making them an ‘e bike’ (technically a moped I think), aka no registration or license required to ride in the street so long as you don’t go over 20mph wink wink. the zero motorcycles need insurance, registration, and cost $$$
      Feb 24

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