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Dec 26, 2018 6 Comments

Can anybody share recent interview experience for Engineering Manager(M1) at Facebook ? I got email from Facebook that there will be 2 design, 1 coding, 1 people management and 2 project retrospective rounds? Need tips here for preparation overall and very specific to coding, design & architecture rounds? What were exactly the questions in coding and design rounds ? Want to understand the level of difficulty from here.


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  • Apple GnrFhbc
    System design is an overall discussion of how to design a system from api to db to solve a particular use case. In my case the use case was news feed. Management at Facebook is soft touch, when they ask if youโ€™ve fired anyone before itโ€™s because they want to hear everything you did beforehand to prevent them from having to be fired. The coding question was given an array of numbers, perform some manipulations on it to leetcode it into something else.
    Dec 26, 2018 1
    • Amazon / Eng looking123
      How about the second system design question?
      Dec 26, 2018
  • I personally donโ€™t know but congrats and good luck!
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  • Capital One kdtn
    @op, did you interview at FB yet? How did it go?
    Feb 10 0
  • Amazon Roombo
    Did you try searching posts first? Tons of posts on M1 experiences
    Dec 26, 2018 0
  • New / Product

    New Product

    Harvard Business Publishing
    Wow you must be old af
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