Equity negotiation tips..

Jun 5 10 Comments

How do u negotiate more equity when you don’t have competing offers. I joined uber in 2016 and had 500k work equity. Assume 10000 stocks at 50$ each.

Fast forward today I have vested 3 years worth of my equity and when I interview recruiters try to say well if you leave uber you only leave 120-130k on table considering current uber price. This is wrong assumption considering if I was in my 4th year at uber I would only leave 40-50k on table.

If I was to resign and rejoin uber I could get 800k worth considering today’s stock price.

What are your suggestions?


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  • Nvidia cool mint
    Resign and rejoin if you can
    Jun 5 3
    • OP
      I am on h1b so not really possible but thanks
      Jun 5
    • Amazon Bill.
      If you resign and rejoin the same company, can you piggyback the same h1b?
      Jun 5
    • OP
      Nope i need cooling period of 60 days I guess.. plus you cannot piggy back of same h1 a sit will be considered fraud
      Jun 5
  • Uber johnn-doe
    You should never reveal details about refreshers or initial stock grant. You should just keep it to TC for recruiters only if they ask. That keeps conversation simple and to the point.
    Jun 6 0
  • New / Eng
    Ama B.O

    New Eng

    Amazon, Google, Facebook
    Ama B.Omore
    I don't get your point or your question
    Jun 5 2
    • OP
      How do u negotiate more equity when you don’t have competing offers
      Jun 5
    • Microsoft hyfcvjp
      you lie
      Jun 5
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • OP
      Well what if they are ex of uber and now at your competitor?

      I don’t want to make a number saying I was granted 1 million equity when I was not.
      Jun 5
  • Microsoft huh1
    What’s the TC breakdown for Director at Uber? Let me know thoughts.
    Jun 6 0


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