Evaluate Amazon sde 2 offer in NYC

Microsoft ^@£81!
Oct 12 14 Comments

Base - 175k
Sign-on cash - 82k first year + 64k second year
Stock grant - 100 RSUs
Location - NYC

TC - ~ 266k

YOE - 6

Can I negotiate more? I have a competing offer of similer TC.


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TOP 14 Comments
  • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
    Nope that’s a high end Bay Area offer. Would highly recommend to take it
    Oct 12 0
  • Capital One / Consultant

    Capital One Consultant

    PwC, Tata Consultancy Services, AIG
    You shouldn't be offered this much when you can't even spell "similar" correctly. Take it as is don't negotiate
    Oct 12 1
    • Facebook pisspapa
      Does it make you happy when you make fun of others?
      Oct 15
  • Dstillery / Eng kioo37
    Very similar to my offer. 165k, 96k/74k, 114, 270TC
    Oct 12 2
    • Microsoft ^@£81!
      Was this first offer or after negotiations?
      Oct 12
    • Dstillery / Eng kioo37
      First offer was same base salary but 255TC. After negotiations they kept my base but increased bonus+RSUs to 270TC
      Oct 12
  • Morgan Stanley / Eng

    Morgan Stanley Eng

    Congrats! Which team in NYC?
    Oct 13 1
  • Twitch gg!
    You can push it a bit more. Try 295 TC (same base though you’re mostly at cap).
    Oct 12 0
  • Amazon qwerty529
    It's a good offer. You might be able to squeeze in a couple more units of stock but I'm not sure about base.
    Oct 12 0
  • Bloomberg / Eng Bruno a
    Good offer
    Oct 12 0
  • Credit Karma ohhno
    Oct 12 1
  • New / Eng wall_wolf
    Woah! Which level at MS? Good offer
    Oct 13 0


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