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Facebook amlm03
Apr 4 7 Comments

If I’m in bootcamp and I’ve been allocated to MPK, is there any way I can pick a team that’s not in MPK?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Cruise Automation sl1msh4dy
    Apr 4 3
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      +1. My impression has slways been that US bootcamp only available in MPK.
      Apr 4
    • Clever Devices / Eng nzbU08
      Engineers based in the Seattle office only need to be in Menlo Park for like a day of their bootcamp. New York engineers only need to be there for a week. Then they go back to their respective offices to finish bootcamp. Not sure how other locations do it.
      Apr 4
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      Ohhhh thx good to know!
      Apr 4
  • Facebook / Eng UnND55
    Do you want to move offices, or do you just want to join a team with no members currently in mpk?
    Apr 4 2
    • Facebook amlm03
      I wanna join a team that’s not in MPK. They have open head count but my offer is in mpk. I thought I could join any fb team
      Apr 4
    • Facebook / Eng UnND55
      You can do that. You should think carefully about whether you'll get enough face time with your manager and coworkers, what it'll mean about promotions, etc, but you can definitely do it.
      Apr 4

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