Facebook London e4 offer

Adobe gNwM65
Feb 6 11 Comments

I have got an offer from Facebook London for e4 level. This offer looks quite low to me, please tell is there any scope for negotiation?

Base: 74k GBP
Bonus: 10%
RSU: 150k USD

I am having experience of almost 7 years in India.


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  • MobileIron loom
    Yes this is correct high end offer for FB London top class offer congrats 🎉🍾
    Feb 6 0
  • Salesforce NGCx18
    I was told repeatedly by HR at FB that the salaries in London are always 30% lower compared to Menlo Park. This is the same case with Google and others too. The other poster is right.
    Feb 6 2
    • Facebook / Eng Carmine
      It’s not about cost of living but about demand of skills in London and tech isn’t paid at a premium like in the bay or Nyc.
      Feb 6
    • Salesforce NGCx18
      I agree and it’s nothing to do with coat of living. It’s about the availability of labor pool in London.
      Feb 6
  • New dluz61
    Salaries in the UK always seem low, but that's a respectable amount of money in London. Plus it's London. Amazing city.
    Feb 6 0
  • T-Mobile qqj410
    FB London is always about 30% lower than Menlo Park, Seattle, or New York. So that’s your comparison
    Feb 6 0
  • Nvidia / Eng 0xFFFFUUUU
    74k GBP "before taxes" =>
    51k GBP (~66k USD) "take home".
    Assuming 1.5k£/month rent => 33k GBP (42k USD).
    Looks nice, especially with RSU.
    Feb 6 2
    • Babylon Health / Eng

      Babylon Health Eng

      Is anyone has similar "money after taxes and rent" for Austin or MTV?
      Apr 28
    • Nvidia / Eng 0xFFFFUUUU

      "median pay at Facebook really is about $240,000 a year"
      Apr 28
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    • Capital One xwES74
      “Honored”. Like you did the poor person a favor. Great thinking!
      Feb 6