Facebook work life balance

Google QPys08
Jun 5 9 Comments

What’s the work life balance like at FB these days? I assume it depends on the team.

What teams have a good work life balance?
What teams don’t?
Teams to avoid?

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TOP 9 Comments
  • Twitter wtMV57
    I used to work at FB, they said they have good work life balance, but it's not always true. People gain promotions from hackathons, which are the most invasive event to ones personal life
    Jun 5 0
  • Facebook lost1
    In theory, WLB depends on team, but that doesn’t apply here.
    Jun 5 1
  • Twitch jellybeano
    I'm curious as well. Is FB desperate enough to improve WLB? Their recruiters are calling nonstop
    Jun 5 0
  • Amazon poiut
    Any reason why you want to move out of G?
    Jun 5 4
    • Google QPys08
      In summary, the work isn't challenging and the politics are really bad. Constant re-orgs (which can detrimentally hurt peoples careers, IC's mainly), lack of accountability from senior leadership (I have no clue what they do all day), there are acceptions of course, but from what I've seen a lot of managers spend all day in meetings verse being a manager, which typically equates to managing, guiding and mentoring your team. This leaves folks wondering what their priorities are and/or left to figure things out themselves OR they have to find mentors within the company to actually help them learn/grow. Generalizing here, but your rating/bonus feels very much so tied to how many things you shipped (shipping = impact). They say it doesn't, but it does, it does. This leads to a lot of rushed feature launches, because everyone is concerned about their career and how many things they can say they "shipped" within the 6 month window. If you are working on a really big initiative that will take longer than 6 months, you will most likely be docked for not shipping it yet during your performance review. Even if your manager knows it will take longer to "ship" than 6 months. I could write a book about how bad the performance review process is. I heard they are redoing it next year, but that doesn't help those who've already been suffering through it and/or had their careers negatively impacted because of the way they measure impact.
      Jun 5
    • Facebook zBuI13
      That sounds pretty similar to FB. If you’re coming here expecting something totally different from G, don’t do it
      Jun 5
    • Amazon poiut
      The management part sounds like Amazon:(
      Jun 5
    • Amazon sde
      sounds like my previous team at G as well
      Jun 5