Failed over 50 times, still failing...but I keep going

New dis2004
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(Kinda rant, kinda post for advice, you tell me :-))

Been trying to get a PM role on a 'real' product for over 2 years now (1st year I was just going in cold relying on luck, 2nd year + 4 months been trying to interview with prep) to switch from current consulting/digital PM role...Has been hard so far...failed interviews with over 50 (75? idk) companies (in different stages, HR screen, HM phone screen, onsite loop, onsite presentation)...Only last week had a ray of hope shine through: amazon recruiter said "you're a fit for L5 PM not L6 and we'd look for L5 PM role for you"...crickets since then...

I've never self doubted ever that I can actually do and excel at the PM/Sr PM roles I'm applying to, I still don't. I'd be great at it...just need an opportunity to come through

Exhausted hunting down roles and applying.. only to receive canned HR replies or get ghosted. Tired and jaded.. BUT still hopeful, tomorrow's a new day...

Sorry for the long rant, if there's anyone in the same boat or going through a similar phase in life, i'd love to hear what keeps you motivated and going everyday..Or...any other rants, trolls or roasts welcome too :-)

(And oh, obligatory: TC: 125K, SF, 7 YOE)


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  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    BS MechE, MS ISyE
    Don't lose hope. Every missed call is something you don't want to pursue.
    Aug 15 1
    • New dis2004
      Totally. thanks for the support :-)
      Aug 15
  • Facebook bvcrtyhk
    Doing the exact same trying to transition into UX and content strategy. I feel like a have a really solid foundation and have received great feedback on my experience and portfolio, but have yet to break through.

    I’ve failed close to 10 interviews at various stages. I just keep plugging away trying to make connections and nail down some more freelance work to expand my skill set. It gets awfully discouraging, though and it’s tough to see a way forward.

    Not sure what I’m going to do but like you said, tomorrow is a new day.
    Aug 15 0
  • Neurocrine Atin|ay2
    Yes, me. I have failed so many times that I stopped counting. Studying has become a part of the routine now. There are a few days when I don't study but most days I do. And I realized once something becomes a routine, you don't need motivation, you just keep at it due to the inertia.
    Aug 15 2
    • New dis2004
      Very true. Keep going and keep hustling! I tell myself cheesy stuff like "success comes to those who go through hard times"
      Aug 15
    • Neurocrine Atin|ay2
      I don't tell myself anything. Of course some days I don't feel like doing anything, when I get s rejection I feel down, but most days I am ok. It is what it is - I have failed 50+ times and it's ok. I'll just keep moving till I can.
      Aug 15
  • Infor / Other mloo04
    What kind of questions are they asking you and what are your responses?
    Aug 15 1
    • New dis2004
      SO many different conversation and interview seems it always comes down to "fit" inevitably. Hiring for PMs is notoriously hard, let alone senior PMs I get it...
      Had a great conversation at Box last week for staff PM, questions about past projects and impact and I did all the STAR format responses. Liveramp last week said 'thanks, no thanks' after two junior interviewers read questions from a document on the phone - my conversation with them was still great and I FELT good after we hung up. Same with Microsoft IT (the HM was a guy who I had worked with in the past lol). Stubhub recruiter didn't put me through to HM cuz I didn't have start-up experience..this is from last week so I have plenty more such experiences lol. I can keep going on...
      Aug 15
  • Rivian


    Tesla Motors
    I looked at my resumes from last job hunt and had 150 resume variants saved. Each one had been submitted to a different job. Doesn’t count the ones I would have forgotten to log.
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  • F5 Networks bhai-log
    Aug 15 0
  • Amazon sYJS16
    hire yourself, side gig
    or full time if you can swing it
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