Finally the health industry gets a topics section!!

23andMe IoXxmW
Nov 1 6 Comments

I've been waiting for this for so long!! So many scandals in the industry that we should talk about!


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  • NVIDIA fmnlaclb
    Scandals like....?
    Nov 1 1
  • Amazon odh79ebB
    Hey serious question, how safe is my data if submitted to you guys? Like G/F sells what I like/dislike to advertisers, what’s the deal with the saliva you guys collect?
    Nov 1 3
    • NVIDIA fmnlaclb
      Read the ToS
      Nov 1
    • Amazon odh79ebB
      I’m sure Facebooks tos included storing passwords in plaintext
      Nov 1
    • New VsNrE
      There was a rumor (when I worked at a large health insurance company two years ago) that a data entry contract person had used a cellphone to take pictures of some screens, in order to sell ssn and other pii data.
      Nov 2


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