Fitbit Sales Expectations

New / Sales ttiger16
Jun 7 9 Comments

I’ve worked in sales for the same company since college (4 years), and annual compensation progression has been disappointing. I’m looking at a jump to Fitbit in their SF office, but I’m curious what compensation range I could expect.

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TOP 9 Comments
  • Dude who wants a Fitbit anymore?
    Jun 7 1
  • Fitbit IhGS76
    Don’t let people who are bitter because they joined right at the IPO and expected to get rich quick discourage you! If you join now, your equity will be valued at the current depressed market price, and you’ll likely do very well. It’s a great place to work, great people, interesting challenges.
    Jun 15 3
    • New / Sales ttiger16
      Thanks. Everything I’ve read is positive when it comes to the company’s future outlook. Plus the specific team I’d be joining has rave reviews from inside and outside the company, so I’m excited and hopeful regardless of the prior comments.
      Jun 16
    • Fitbit / Eng

      Fitbit Eng

      over there
      Seconded. Been here for 3 years, at 300k TC and not even in SF lol. Really cool projects too.
      Jun 18
    • Rockwell Collins sami4
      @LeftOf @IhGS76 Any insights in to what cool implies... any new products coming in near future? sleep apnea, health subscriptions...? Why is fitbit marketing team so dead silent? I see couple of suitable positions but feel wary as the management/marketing is very tame and i wonder if history keeps repeating. Any genuine response is appreciated!
      Jun 20
  • Fitbit CGnh58
    Don't do it man. You can do better. Not sure about actual comp numbers since I was in eng. But I can say with reasonable certainty to just look elsewhere
    Jun 7 2
    • Groupon PromNight
      Please work harder man... I'm still holding the bag from $18 ... facepalm
      Jun 7
    • Fitbit ajsjsb
      ^CGnh58 is right. You will regret joining fitbit as many have
      Jun 8