For tech manager is Executive MBA worth it?

Amazon gAMv41
Apr 6 5 Comments

I am currently working as L6 SDM @ amazon. Is pursuing MBA helpful for taking up new executive positions in the industry.


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  • Twitch / Product CP0
    It doesn't hurt you, but depending on your goal, it's not the most effective use of time and money
    Apr 6 0
  • MBA is never really worth it unless you go to an old school industry.

    In tech? You mostly need to prove yourself
    Apr 6 1
  • Morgan Stanley khotaa
    Most of it is for networking, I did attend courses at Stern, real good courses are in finance. But others are purely for networking and building contacts.
    Apr 6 0
  • Facebook wootness
    Only worth it if its a top school but the worth may be subjective. Definitely no aspect of any respect or prestige for it within tech world. Connections and some aspects of academics may help you land better opportunities and justify the cost of attendance (which will be significant). I repeat, only from a top school, no online or local lesser known stuff, those are just pure worthless
    Apr 7 0


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