General motors (GM) quit - what happens to my annual bonus?

Oct 29 5 Comments

Hi General Motor folks,

Please could you let me know what happens to my annual bonus if I quit before Dec or before receiving my performance feedback (in feb or Mar)? Will it get void or I would still receive it?

Is it safe to discuss this with our HR ?


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  • Unless it's somewhere written in your contract, they are not obligated to pay out a bonus check after you have quit.
    Oct 29 0
  • State Farm sweeeeee
    A. Don’t discuss this with HR
    B. When did they payout your bonus last year? If you leave before that payout date, there’s no chance you’re getting the bonus.
    Oct 29 3
    • OP
      This year I received the bonus some time suring March. I am thinking of putting down the papers at the end of the year.
      Oct 29
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Then you will not get the bonus if you leave in December.
      Oct 29
    • OP
      I know few companies would mail a physical check to ex-employee in this scenario (Ex Intel). I am interested to see if GM mails a check too :)
      Oct 29


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