Getting less recruiter emails

Google jiaekga
Mar 6 7 Comments

I used to get emails from recruiters every now and then, but the recent 1-2 years it has been decreased. Is it the market or me?

And never got email from Netflix.

How do you apply for jobs other than being approached by recruiters? I have emails that I ignored two years ago, can I still reply? Would that look bad?

YOE: 6
TC: 330k


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TOP 7 Comments
  • LinkedIn siyg32
    Head over to LinkedIn, mark yourself as open to opportunities
    Mar 6 1
    • Microsoft howser
      Yeah I am at Amazon and I get bombarded all the time. I am interviewing with Uber, Indeed, Google and FB this month
      Mar 6
  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    Rakuten USA
    At 330 TC surely you are unaffordable. I too get no interest from recruiters, but it's because I work a dead end job making one-eighth what you do.
    Mar 6 0
  • Microsoft joyfill
    In which area are you working on? Cloud, ML and AI are popular these days. Kernel, web seevice etc would not get many contacts. Also, Software engineer 2 is the highest demand.
    Mar 6 2
    • Google xVTmB1P
      Mainly backends and infra. What is software engineer 2?
      Mar 6
    • Microsoft joyfill
      Below senior level. For senior and above, they tend to look at matching experiences hence less contact (more if you work at hot area).
      Mar 7
  • Microsoft howser
    My guess is also that you working for google makes you less approachable by a lot of companies. I mean there is only few who could beat what you make at Google
    Mar 6 0


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