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Amazon Manic6
Jan 9 14 Comments

I just finished my onsite today and my recruiter told me that they expect to a feedback for me by the end of next week.

It seems too long to get the first feedback for 1.5 weeks.

Does it mean my interview go to HC?

I am expecting to know early if I get rejected.


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  • Honeywell / Eng keepTrying
    My Google recruiter was best. She called me next day after my onsite to let me know I had mixed reviews(1 strong hire, 2 hires, 2 leaning no hire) and would be moving to HC stage next week. Called me the same day after HC made decision of not moving forward with offer.
    Jan 15 7
    • USDA / Eng GMletsdoit
      Thank you so much for the inputs. Appreciate it.
      Jan 15
    • Honeywell / Eng keepTrying
      All the best for your onsite
      Jan 15
    • USDA / Eng GMletsdoit
      Thanks bruh !! Did you code in each round ? In your point What do you think the reason for rejection ?
      Jan 15
    • Honeywell / Eng keepTrying
      First question was very easy when I think now but was too nervous so barely finished it.

      Other rounds I was solid in algorithm and data structure and communication but slow in coding.

      So be quick in coding. Dont overspend time in communication.. after algorithm is explained in 10 mins start writing code on Chromebook.
      Jan 15
    • USDA / Eng GMletsdoit
      Gotcha !!
      Jan 15
  • Google nooglerx
    Feedback generally means HC feedback unless some one went on vacation after taking your interview and hasn’t provided feedback. If recruiter decides not to go to HC then they will tell you early next week most likely.
    Jan 9 0
  • The New York Times moony
    I’ve heard this often takes awhile. Don’t worry too much!
    Jan 9 0
  • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
    Normally they will tell you if it goes to HC. Expect for this process to be painfully long.
    Jan 9 0
  • Amazon nosyc23
    does the recruiter obligated to give you feedback (even negative) as soon as possible?

    is there any SLA for recruiter at google?
    Jan 15 0
  • New vEAL72
    @Manic6 - Did you get any update? I am also waiting for HC descision. I went to onsite on Jan 14.
    Jan 21 0
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    First, hiring manager decides if packet goes to HC. Then HC decides. If you sucked, you will know sooner
    Jan 10 0