Google India Vs Uber India

Amazon / Eng sns n sms
Jan 6 23 Comments

TC is similar. Google is paying less fix and more stock but overall TC is similar

Both Level 4
Yoe: 4

Uber 29+12+3.8
Google 25+15+4



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  • Facebook zuckks
    @sns If I was in your position I would definitely join Uber and if it goes IPO this year then your stocks may be worth more or less, but its worth the risk
    Your google offer is valid for a year, so if your experience/comp at Uber isnt satisfactory you can always bounce back to Google
    Jan 6 2
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      Interesting. I was not aware about 1 year offer Validity.
      Jan 6
    • Facebook zuckks
      Yeah ask your recruiter about this
      Jan 6
  • Facebook zuckks
    Mind sharing the TC and your level ?
    Jan 6 4
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      Jan 6
    • Nvidia nvleet
      What’s the format ? Base + Stocks + Bonus ? Is this in Lakhs (INR) ?
      Jan 6
    • Facebook zuckks
      Thanks a lot OP
      Jan 6
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      base+per annum stocks+yr end bonus

      its is in LPA INR
      Jan 6
  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    Which is having better chances of moving you out of India?
    Jan 6 3
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      I guess Google. Uber is trying to expand in India. Would discourage to relocate.
      Jan 6
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      People's United Bank, N.A.
      Go Uber yet. With stock, you would be millionaires in year.

      Check nutanix stories, if you haven't
      Jan 6
    • Millionaire in INR
      Jan 7
  • Morgan Stanley / Eng v3uxsr8df
    Jan 6 0
  • PayPal kkn
    If you wanna take risk, Uber is a good bet. Their stock might be more or less worthy no one knows. If you care about prestige and guaranteed comp, google is the way to go. But anyway you know better who is offering challenging work, better colleagues, how is the team you interviewed for, what sort of wlb you are expecting. What is your total year of exp?
    Jan 13 3
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      I have mentioned it as Yoe
      Jan 13
    • PayPal kkn
      Finally which one you are joining?
      Jan 26
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      Joining Google
      Jan 27
  • Uber girikskm
    Hope you are not using the stock price shared by the recruiter to arrive at the uber stock value cause it's inflated
    Jan 9 1
    • Amazon / Eng sns n sms
      What price should use?
      Jan 9
  • Uber udKL28
    You are low balled at Uber
    May 6 0
  • Salesforce curious03
    Do u plan to move to US on L1 ?
    Apr 8 0
  • Google Xyly25
    Google is low-ball ing you. Get more stocks man. And more joining bonus
    Feb 9 0
  • Uber YAsG78
    Uber anyday. TC will be higher than what is calculated now. Look at revised valuation and nutanix and fb pre IPO stories. Long term ( 3 to 5 years) investment in career for Uber needed
    Jan 19 0