Google L4 NYC open positions

Amazon NJFm32
Jul 19 4 Comments

Does anyone know if Google hires L4s in NYC? I read recently that it is hard to match with a team. Anyone from inside who has relevant information?


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  • PagerDuty sjwkk23
    Went through a round of team matching recently for that. 0 matches
    Jul 20 1
    • DoorDash 7hsk8h3
      What happens during team match? Do you interview with the hiring manager? What is the reason for team match not working out? Is it rejection from interviews?
      Jul 20
  • New qworp
    Google doesn’t seem to have a lot of headcount for L3/L4 in NYC. I was also told to wait on interviewing, OP — recruiter will circle back to me in a few months.
    Jul 20 0
  • Facebook abandons
    Exactly same boat, recruiter told me to wait a few months before interviewing.
    Jul 19 0


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