Google Referal will expire

Cisco bulbulZaf
Jun 8 1 Comment

I have a Google Referal which came too late and I've already moved on. Got an email warning it expires soon. I think this is normal

Any paranoid thoughts to entertain here? Will future attempts to get referred be affected if I do not respond?

Text of email:
Your invitation to apply for jobs at Google expires on June xx, 2019 at x PDT. XYZ's recommendation means a lot to us, so if you’re interested in working at Google, we hope you’ll accept their invitation.

Once you've accepted the invitation, you can start applying to open roles. Use the same email address to accept and apply for jobs, otherwise we may not see you were referred.


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  • New nope |
    I got referred once in 2014 and recruiters never stopped sending emails. Last one was 3 months ago.
    Jun 8 0