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New twkiba
Jun 26 11 Comments

Hi all,

Glad to finally join everyone, really like the sense of community here.

I'm looking for a change of pace, and recently applied to both G and Amazon with no referrals ( if anyone can/willing to help with that, please let me know lol! ) for a non-engineering position.

For Amazon, I hear the Application Center statuses are really unreliable, I've got a apps there sitting in Submitted state and one Under Consideration, but it's been weeks.

For G, same story with apps submitted and nothing back for weeks.

Anyone have an idea what to expect from for non-engineering roles app process ?

Many thanks


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  • AT&T / Eng DisUser
    Applying online for big companies without a referral is basically useless from my experience.
    Find a reference or message a recruiter on LinkedIn. You will likely never hear anything back otherwise.
    Jun 26 5
    • ConocoPhillips 77️⃣7
      For Amazon, referral didn’t even do anything for me. I had an ex-coworker refer me and heard nothing.

      Then a month later a recruiter cold messaged me on LinkedIn for a different organization / team than I original applied to.

      Recruiter is the way to go if you aren’t from FAANG imo.
      Jun 26
    • Weight Watchers / Eng xlax
      I got a call back for Google and Amazon through applying online. It might depend on the role and number of spots they are looking to fill...
      Jun 26
    • ConocoPhillips 77️⃣7
      Google online app, no referral, worked for me as well. Maybe has to do with the fact that they do global recruiting process
      Jun 26
    • Amazon / Product

      Amazon Product

      I think without referral it comes down to a combination of luck and having a quality resume. If you have valuable skills expressed well on your resume, you get attention quick. I've had next-day responses from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others without referral.
      Jun 26
    • New twkiba
      Agree, it seems pretty mixed and a big factor is luck I imagine.
      Jun 26
  • Amazon / Eng BPE
    DM me for Amazon
    Jun 26 1
  • Apple / Eng tWBu16
    Keep in mind that there are lots more people applying than there are roles to fill
    Jun 26 1
    • New twkiba
      Very likely, also the fact it's non engineering could be even more limited
      Jun 26
  • New twkiba
    However, I'm also looking at other places as well. FB/Uber/Apple and others as well for a BD/Partnerships role. Anyone that can help or have any good recommendations to look would be appreciated.
    Jun 26 0