Google internship host matching - How to increase my chances at a match?

Intel bogosorter
Sep 10, 2018 1 Comment

I'm in Google's host matching for an internship and my background/skillset is web dev. In the questionnaire they make you fill out, I emphasized my web dev experience and in the preferences section I again talked about some web apps (Gmail, Docs, Youtube) I am interested in.

However the advice I hear is to not be picky. At the same time I've also been told you want to highlight your strengths and indicate what your passions/interests are so that you stand out to certain teams. So what do I do in my questionnaire to make it so that I highlight my web dev skills/interests, yet still stay open/visible to other hosts that aren't necessarily working on web dev projects? B/c I'd definitely be interested in working on other things too. Right now in the preferences I've ticked off other disciplines I'd be interested in working at and have indicated I'm willing to work at any office. Any other tips? Thanks.


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  • Amazon im42
    Reaching out to people on LinkedIn and offline is probably more effective than banking too heavily on the questionnaire
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