Googlers Living at Work

Amazon pokeman
Jul 19 22 Comments

I interviewed at Google a few days ago and was absolutely blown away. I previously interviewed at another smaller site for Google so I didn’t realize how much the larger offices have. Has any googler tried “living” at the office for some amount of time? Maybe just get a PO box for mail, storage unit for “stuff”, a car and Airbnb when you get tired of the office. Or get a place and Airbnb it most days and sleep in the capsules if your place is occupied. It literally has everything you need.


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  • Amazon cn227fh2m
    There was a story years back about a guy who bought an old van, parked it in Google's lot, and basically lived in the car / at the office.
    Jul 19 15
    • Bloomberg 1337c4lyfe
      Um... Outside of work hours? Isn’t the office open 24 hours? Aren’t people on call 24 hours? I can waltz into a Bloomberg office at in the middle of the night.
      Jul 20
    • Nutanix 1adja134
      I think most companies have this hidden policy of not allowing their resources to be used 24/7 unless you’re working all the time. For eg, let’s say it’s the weekend, and you choose to go on a road trip. Before leaving, you grab a ton of snacks both for you and other parties, and then head out. And let’s say, you’ve been doing this for years. That can’t be excusable.
      Jul 20
    • Amazon 🍉@
      That would mean you hardly work and do road trips for a living!! You haven’t worked for large corporations yet !
      Jul 20
    • Nutanix 1adja134
      Jul 20
    • Deloitte / R&D Lwba40
      He’s still living in a box truck (not a van), working at Google, but no longer parks the truck in the Google lot. Blogs periodically at
      Jul 21
  • Bloomberg 1337c4lyfe
    It’s better to have a home and focus on impact. I don’t think you can do what you propose and be the best you that you can be.
    Jul 20 0
  • Oracle / Data bendy
    There are stories of people doing it but generally have a goal. Like a year or so to pay student loans or something. It takes too much of toll on your mental well-being and once you start having cash in the bank it becomes harder to justify this lifestyle.
    Jul 19 0
  • New / Eng h7j8
    That sounds horrible..what's the point of having a well paying job if you're living a terrible life? Sleeping in pods every night? Jfc
    Jul 20 0
  • Intel D’s🥜
    Don’t listen to these snowflakes.

    Do it now while you have the opportunity. Live a Spartan lifestyle. Be different and embrace that difference.
    Jul 22 0
  • Workday rich.dryer
    Wouldn't you like to retire early?
    Jul 20 0
  • Amazon / Eng obWd68
    Which office? In WA or CA?
    Jul 19 0