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PwC oFgg42
Sep 10 3 Comments

Hi, I will be relocating to Seattle from the MidWest. Has anyone used Amazon’s relocation services recently for vehicle transportation, moving boxes (Shyft) and housing search (Dwellworks)?

I won’t be moving for a while so I have time to look around for other options.
I googled around and realized that Shyft charges a lot more than the top google hit.

I paid for the basic option for Dwellworks ($99) and the consultant assigned to me has been wonderful so far, letting me know my move date is still far out and I still have time to shop around.

Wonder what are thoughts from people who have taken advantage of these “benefits”?

Also, would like to know how good Common Co-living is in Seattle, or if you have any recommendations on housing for a newly vetted SDE1.


Tc: 170k


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Amazon jtwotwo
    graebel offers all inclusive move plan. unless you took lump sum option...
    Sep 10 1
    • PwC oFgg42
      I did not have a choice. They only offered lump sum.
      Sep 10
  • Amazon Rabidsheep
    The relocation service is intentionally expensive. It means the amount you need to pay back if you leave within the payback period is higher.

    The dwell works person I got was useless, but ymmv on that. Just be ear with them on where you want to live.
    Sep 10 0