Groupon Seattle

Nordstrom RExFr0
Jul 19 22 Comments

How is the company doing? Is it a good time to join?


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  • Groupon PWA
    It's like getting a good seat on the titanic - you know it's going to sink eventually but at least you'll have a good time on board along the way
    Jul 19 2
    • Amazon / Eng hdiwntb
      How's the pay and work balance?
      Jul 19
    • Amazon a~>z
      A good seat in titanic is no worth if you already knew it's gonna sink.
      Jul 19
  • Slalom Consulting aipaec
    You mean $3.42 stock price? LOL
    Jul 19 1
  • Target ihaleem9
    Depends how long you wanna stick with it. If you're getting a good package (base only as their bonuses sucks) and you're planning to stay for less than 2 years then you can probably give a thought.

    The challenges are still as with a startup. No training programs though. They don't believe in that. They don't plan long term themselves :)
    Jul 19 9
    • Groupon timetogonw
      Since when you start getting bonus? It started 2 years back only.
      Jul 19
    • Groupon thepoint
      The bonus plan was defined in 2011 I believe and we are always over delivering the bonus target, we missed the last one though
      Jul 19
    • Groupon mBsJ01
      The point, that's a lie. It would be interesting to explain what's your interest in spreading some corporate BS.
      Let's be fair: the company is not doing well and bonuses can be cut. TC, WLB can compensate but it's more honest to let people be aware of it.
      Jul 19
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  • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
    Speaking of 2011, I think that’s when I last opened the Groupon app.
    Jul 20 1
    • Amazon sksn
      ^ this
      Jul 22
  • Groupon mathpi
    I think otherwise pay is good worklife balance is great it has always the highest score in internal polls (in ohter words people complain about all other things but this is great). Not much stock appretiation though. So if you are looking for 'rest and vest' it is not a best place. Regarding trainit every engineer has budget 1600 yearly you can spend on conferences or training.
    Jul 19 1
    • Groupon


      Groupon y'all!
      Jul 19
  • Groupon dfhwxbohro
    Don’t join with the stock sinking, no opportunity to learn, lots of politics with all these less than market standard salary.
    Jul 19 1
    • BMW BBGW30
      What’s with the no opportunity to learn thing? I’m being given 3k annually to spend on training in Groupon Chicago
      Jul 24
  • Groupon WWRY84
    Depends on what you’re wanting out of your career and where you’re at now. What’s your current title?
    Jul 19 0