H-1B: Oracle favored hiring foreign graduates of U.S. colleges over American grads, feds allege

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Jan 26 9 Comments

Not only did Redwood City software titan Oracle favor hiring Asians for key departments, it favored non-citizen Asian graduates of U.S. colleges over American graduates, the federal government claimed in a lawsuit.

The Department of Labor alleges in its suit against Oracle that a “vast majority” of the firm’s hires through its college recruiting program were non-citizen visa holders from Asia.

The Mercury News: H-1B: Oracle favored hiring foreign graduates of U.S. colleges over American grads, feds allege.



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  • New / Eng iRead
    Meh.. It's going to be really difficult for them to prove that Oracle did it intentionally, because chances are they didn't. Many companies just look to hire top talent, they might just happen to be foreigners. Oracle in particular has a very strong university recruitment process. Foreign students make up the majority in many top graduate programs.
    Jan 26 0
  • looks like a lot of American grads dodged a bullet.
    Jan 26 0
  • Uber / Design bromance
    They did it intentionally, managers there were preferring to hire people like themselves.
    Jan 26 3
    • Amazon Justice!
      Don’t tell truths shh
      Jan 26
    • New / Eng dotslash
      Because they themselves were college recruits once? So foreign borns can never recruit foreign-borns?
      Jan 27
    • Amazon Justice!
      Don’t pretend you don’t know the real issue. It’s like human trafficking from a certain place to the US. We are full of them and they are full of themselves.
      Jan 27
  • Dropbox drl/handle
    Just came to say thumbnail looks like Safra is intimately resting her head on Larry’s shoulder.
    Jan 26 1
  • Walmart.com realDTrump
    1st choice: International undergrad students in U.S. College
    2nd choice: native undergrad in US college
    3rd choice: international grad students in US college
    last choice: native grad students.

    Golden rule
    Jan 26 0