Halt and Catch Fire TV Show - Watch It (Netflix)

T-Mobile r5k2jda4
Feb 11



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  • Microsoft TheAnonBoy
    I saw this show when it was on AMC. Criminally under-viewed. Great show about the tech scene in the 80s-90s
    Feb 111
    • Intel lovelisasu
      What amazes me is how much that was relevant then is still relevant now.
      Feb 11
  • Apple / EngMojaveX
    The first few episodes were good but then the show started to suck hard.
    Feb 110
  • T-Mobile r5k2jda4
    Feb 110
  • LinkedIn wirufnsjrj
    It’s so fucking good πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Feb 110
  • Apple / Product
    Apple Pork


    In it to win it.
    Apple Porkmore
    Good stuff but only the first 2 season,ms, it slowly died down for me
    Feb 110
  • Intel bxsnlns
    Technologies change, personas of the players remain the same. Especially for large companies, we might have been working with Joes, Gordons & Camerons.
    Feb 110

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