Hiring SDE2s in Seattle for a new AWS product

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Amazon Mgmt

Mar 23 3 Comments

I am hiring SDE2s for a new team in AWS in Seattle making products from scratch. There is no legacy code. Our stack is serverless and built on 100% native AWS. Direct measurable business impact and lots of interest and internal customers already lined up. We offer excellent relocation packages.

Message me directly to find out more! Please upload your resume somewhere and send me a link as well when you reach out to me.

We mainly use typescript/javascript with react, node.js. We use a lot of AWS tech such as Lambdas, Step functions, DynamoDb, S3, Cloudwatch, etc.


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  • Amadeus Trick2g
    What tc are you willing to provide for sde 2?
    Mar 23 0
  • Sorry, off topic

    What's with the node as a backend at AWS? I'm just curious on why people use it is famous in serverless, is it because it's mostly used by front end developers who don't want to build the whole server stuff?

    Also for your new product, did you consider Golang? The cold start up times seems to be close to what python provide with extra type safety. Appreciate your thoughts.
    Mar 23 0
  • Veritas / Mgmt

    Veritas Mgmt

    What area in AWS? Compute, Storage?
    Mar 23 0