Housing market in downturn globally

Microsoft DrPep
Jan 6

Brace yourself, Housing market is going to get uglier.

People looking to buy, just wait a little longer. You’ll get good discounts from increasingly desperate sellers, especially the house flippers who are now sitting on their inventory which is losing value by the day.



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  • Microsoft Dr. Root
    This is your third duplicate post. Relax and have some Bourbon 🥃
    Jan 60
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • JOANY / EngFQuQ40
      Interest rates will come back down if asset prices go down... You're not locked into a high rate. Rates change. You can refinance.
      Jan 6
  • Facebook public2
    Market is insane, it is far from ugly it's too hot and needs to cool off.
    Jan 60
  • New b37
    By "ugly" you mean "wonderful" -- at least for those of us whose biggest or most expensive house purchase is in the future. It's only ugly if you're a Boomer looking to cash out big and downsize permanently.
    Jan 70
  • Intuit robotussin
    About damn time
    Jan 60
  • Microsoft 4655434b
    Guess two werent enough lol
    Jan 60

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