How are the front office teams at morgan stanley?

Morgan Stanley rknifems
Oct 21 28 Comments

I am trying to jump to a front office team and wanted to know how good they generally are ? what kind of work the team has and whats the culture in front office. is it a great place to be for career progression ? help out pls.


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  • Prudential dbYy60
    I had an offer, the offer was so low for NYC
    Oct 22 9
    • Prudential dbYy60
      2 yoe I am making more at my current company hence why I rejected their offer
      Oct 23
    • Morgan Stanley MSBlindVP
      There’s no FO job in the Wall Street area in Morgan Stanley. Probably BO
      Nov 2
    • What does FO and BO mean mate
      Nov 3
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      @MSBlindVP where are they then ?
      Nov 4
    • I mean there was an office on Wall Street here’s a pic
      Nov 4
  • BNY Mellon antishock
    Morgan Stanley is not homogenous. What line of business? What type of FO role?
    Oct 22 2
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      If you are asking for the team, its risk and pnl. And the role is developer.
      Oct 22
    • New lmdrsn
      Risk and P&L is MO... but better than BO if you're coming from there
      Oct 22
  • Hard
    Oct 21 1
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      Please elaborate
      Oct 21
  • Morgan Stanley NeVb45
    FO is fast moving development, and everyone is above par comparing non FO.
    You will learn a lot
    Oct 22 6
    • Morgan Stanley NeVb45
      First of all, it won't be as much as tech.
      Associate , TC up to 220k, know someone
      VP, TC up to 325k, know someone
      ED, TC up to 450k, guestimation
      MD, no clue.
      This is fixed incoming e trading
      Oct 23
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      Okay. I am in tech. I think i did not mention that before. Are these numbers for non tech ?
      Oct 23
    • Morgan Stanley NeVb45
      For non tech, meaning quant that would be at least 20%more, for trader would be much more
      Oct 23
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      I was asking for technical IT roles. I am confused by your reply now.
      Oct 23
    • Morgan Stanley NeVb45
      Numbers I was talking are FO tech.
      For business side,it's at least 20% more
      Oct 24
  • Morgan Stanley TsVU13
    FO Risk and PNL at MS has excellent reputation. Is it IRD or Equities?
    Oct 31 1
  • AIG / Strategy
    W Jan 120P

    AIG Strategy

    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    W Jan 120Pmore
    Don't waste your time
    Oct 25 1
    • Morgan Stanley rknifems
      What do you mean?
      Oct 28
  • Morgan Stanley / Mgmt

    Morgan Stanley Mgmt

    I'm a front office WM ops manager. Feel free to direct message me.
    Oct 24 0
  • American Century Investments aci1942
    There are different FO roles - IB, S&T, IM, PE, wealth management. FO experience is definitely good for career progression, esp. with Morgan Stanley brand name but it's competitive.

    Best to start talking to your couterpart first (e.g. if you're supporting the derivatives desk, start there).

    Good luck.
    Oct 22 0


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