How does married couple divide mortgage when buying house

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Dec 3, 2018 18 Comments

How does married couple usually divide home mortgage when both partners are earning almost the same?

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  • Facebook public2
    If ownership and income are equal what is the question?
    Dec 3, 20180
  • New / EngRhpJ71
    According to California law, there is no his money, her money in a marriage. Irrespective of what each of you earn, you both own it equally. So it's better to treat it as such if you live in California.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Facebook alt_qq
    Yeah just do what works best for you

    My wife and I have combined finances so it doesn't make a difference for us
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Amazon Flynn
    Are you married? If so, do whatever works for you. Combine finances and just pay it or go evenly or whatever.

    If not, just have one person buy the house and the other pay rent. Homeowner must pay normal landlord expenses. Cleanest bet.
    Dec 3, 20181
    • Amazon modp
      Updated. We are married. Thanks for the response
      Dec 3, 2018
  • Salesforce God Jr.
    Unless you in some sort of arranged marriage, plan I g to split soon and trying to hide money from you spouse, I say combine you finances. In most stats, in case of divorce, everything earned in marriage goes into shared pot. But having combined finances will allow you a view of whole picture and you won’t be wasting time on stupid shit like who is paying what bill.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Facebook OLYJ62
    You buy duplex house, one unit for you, the other for spouse.

    On more serious note, really do what you think will work better for you long marriage. Enjoy the new house!
    Dec 3, 20180
  • SAP XuGi68
    Slapping contest. Whoever cries first pays.
    Dec 3, 20181
    • Microsoft / EngHRNj30
      While I don't recommend doing this with your spouses, That video was Too funny.
      Dec 4, 2018
  • New RzFr15
    R u Indian
    Dec 3, 20181
    • Microsoft IcM_Alert
      Sounds like arranged marriage
      Dec 3, 2018
  • Microsoft / EngHRNj30
    What works best is to think of it this way, every penny that comes into the house half is his / half is hers pay your bills. Because in actuality there is no her money and his money once married.

    If one person is to pay the electric bill and the other one is to pay the water bill if either bill is not paid you both are without what ever service that wasn't paid.

    In other words put the money into one acount except for your slush fund and their slush fund and whoever is best with mananging money manages it. Save like crazy for retirement and your kids college. My credentials if you are wondering I have been married for about 27 years and have wanted choke spouse several times over money over the years until we implemented this system along with the 60% solution.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • New BFrD16
    Just get divorced, if you can’t figure out something easy like this what are you going to do when she finds out that you
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Salesforce ozEK82
    If you are whatever works for you. One good way can be to have a joint account..have both parties transfer some funds periodically to that account..then use that account for mortgage payments.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Uber / EngnYf6sJ
    Partner? Say spouse.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Quicken Loans Kbzh37
    I’m gonna go out on a limb here but have you considered splitting 50/50?
    Jan 300
  • AMD GDKa06
    Try to divide total expenses in a way that makes sense. E.g. if one person pays mortgage, then the other pays insurance, property tax, insurance etc and other monthly expenses. That's how it will likely work out unless one person earns way more than the other or one income is high enough to pay everything. One person paying disproportionately higher would work out if you have a very secure marriage, because eventually it is your shared wealth.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Autodesk / EngFootRace
    Pay cash.
    Dec 3, 20180

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