How to ask for E5 at Facebook?

Uber giggled
Sep 6 12 Comments

Had an interview at Facebook with 3 rounds of system design interviews. I told the recruiter that I am looking at a position at E5, but was eventually offered at E4.

The recruiter told me that levelling up after hiring committee is not impossible. I need to give them my counter offers. I do have some other senior offers.

What is the chance that I get levelled up? Are there other ways to help me in this case?

YoE 3.5


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Facebook easzss
    zero - move on. completely based on interview performance.
    Sep 6 0
  • Roku cruella
    Remember. Chances r 0 if u don't ask.
    Sep 6 0
  • Facebook Hodinkee
    Wait 3 rounds of system design??(e6 gets 2) If they give you 4, there is no way getting 5, you exhausted all chances this time.
    Accept 4, or try in a year again.
    Sep 6 1
    • Uber giggled
      One round might be for calibration
      Sep 7
  • Facebook CvMN10
    Focus on comp and not level.
    Sep 6 1
    • Apple kill9
      Comp is associated with level. There is fine line.
      Sep 6
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    How do you get interview? I heard fb don't hire 5 yoe or less now
    Sep 6 1
    • Neurocrine AtinlayBro
      "rarely does e3 and e4 hires", what is this supposed to mean?
      Sep 6
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    Expecting L5 with 3.5 YOE? Wow.
    Sep 7 0
  • Facebook defhjrd
    What is your current level at Uber?
    Sep 6 0
  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    Are u L5a at Uber?
    Sep 6 0
  • Microsoft / Other jdpywbk
    If the offers are higher, give it a shot, otherwise your SOL.
    Sep 6 0