How to follow up with Recruiter to get feedback/info?

GoPro arcm85
Mar 4, 2018 1 Comment

Just curious. Do y'all have any pro tips how to word emails to recruiters to get feedback after an interview or status update to the interview process? After rejections, I always try to follow up and ask for feedback. All companies (except fb) never bothered to respond.

Also, I'm also struggling to get updates from a few companies. Two companies in particular that is still pending, I interviewed on site at both companies 7 weeks ago. One company did want me to talk to the director one last time, but the other (Apple) has been going no where. I've followed up with the Apple recruiter 4 times and literally each reply from the recruiter is "I'll have status update or next steps at the end of the week or next week". I try to tailor the email to see if she could provide what's going on with the job req but she still gives me the same response. I'm just interviewing in the meantime until I get an offer but how do I deal with companies who never follow through what they say or provide any feedback?


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  • GoPro arcm85
    Still waiting for Apple. Any advice anyone?? I feel like whenever I try to ask a simple what's the latest, they just reply back we will know more end of the week
    Mar 8, 2018 0