How to force myself to sleep at 12. How to force myself to finish the task on time

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How to force myself to not overcommit? To not give false promises? To not say things wrong under pressure? To force myself to sleep early instead of watching video and procrastination? To not procrastinate and work work


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  • Uber no7
    First, sleep:
    - No screens 30m-1h before bed
    - No caffeine after 2pm
    - Wake up earlier (say 8-8:30)
    - No phone in bed in the morning, just force yourself up

    Pick a date you're going to start doing this. Tell people you trust would keep you accountable. When you tell them the next day that you were successful, it'll feel good because you accomplished something truly great.


    1. Assume you are already overcommitted. Say no to everything unless something truly excites you. If something truly excites you, in order to take it on, you need to be able to say you won't do another thing. If you are required to do that other thing, you can't say yes to what excites you.

    2. If your team doesn't embrace your saying "no," you may need to speak with your manager or switch. The only way that worked for me was switching teams because my old team had gotten used to me overcommitting.


    Start by getting more sleep and sleeping more regularly and see if that helps keep you focused.

    Saying wrong things under pressure:

    First, solve the sleep problem. Next, when you're feeling stressed and under pressure, get into the habit of taking a deep (subtle) few breaths before speaking. If you need to pause to think, explicitly say "let me think about that for a few moments." It seems weird at first but over time will build new habits and a new level of composure.

    Closing thoughts:

    Basic needs are important. Without good sleep and without eating properly, you put yourself at a disadvantage, because you're too tired to regulate your behavior.

    I tried and failed countless times to get to sleep at a good time. It sounds easy but it's not. "It takes 3 weeks to make a habit." The first week, you'll be even more exhausted than you are now. The second week gets better. The third week you'll start to see yourself thinking more clearly, procrastinating less, etc.

    Of all of your problems you listed here, start with sleep. Master sleep. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. The rest will follow.
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    • Amazon XFEy31
      I think too much
      Apr 6
    • Amazon XFEy31
      I have too many things I need to do. I’m 22 I’m behind on life.
      Apr 6
  • Amazon rhf
    You’ll be pip if you finish tasks late all the time. Then you don’t have to work anymore and can watch videos until forever
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  • Amazon ITEMS-
    There’s a pill for that. Go to a doctor, repeat the same concerns. Be a good slave and medicate yourself as necessary to conform.
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  • VMware / Eng

    VMware Eng

    Microsoft, Hulu
    Lower your caffeine intake, most of the time you don't need the actual caffeine you are just used to the habit, so after for example 6 pm only drink decaffeinated beverages.
    Also don't over stimulate your brain late at night, put down your phone or don't have it in the same room
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    • Oracle / Eng yoylo
      You gotta LC though
      Apr 6
  • Samsung KnWg86
    Think if your future self would appreciate it. If the answer is no think about how you will dislike your past self for not doing the thinf
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  • Zynga CuriousABC
    Chronic over commitment is an issue with a lot of folks. When someone asks you for a timeline and you find yourself blurting out without thinking - stop yourself and say you will get back to them later in the day. Work through the timeline - add buffer - add in on calls and sick days and OOO and give a date. Once you give dates - you are committed. Overtime - things will come more naturally and you will be better prepared to answer questions on the fly - but at first it's ok to delay and think about things deliberately. What is important - is that you deliver things on or before the dates you commit to.
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  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    Videos = porn?
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  • Compass someguy851
    weed or melatonin
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