How’s IXL Learning?

Apple hJdJ14
Jan 19 5 Comments

Recently, my friend got an offer there as a front end dev. How’s that company? How’s the culture there? I also heard they laid off people?

Offer is from San Mateo office


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  • Atlassian / Eng
    Luffy, M.D

    Atlassian Eng

    A prematurely grumpy somewhat old man
    Luffy, M.Dmore
    I had a somewhat negative experience interviewing at the San Mateo HQ. Most people nice, but weird vibe overall and one super attitudey interviewer and got a negative impression of their tech stack and dev processes.
    Jan 19 2
    • Apple hJdJ14
      My friend interviewed there and had a mixed feeling. But mostly she worried about laying off.
      Jan 19
    • eBay / Eng bluechi
      Had the same negative interview experiences when I interviewed there.
      Jan 19
  • Cisco lwac86
    The North Carolina office is great. Work culture is chill. People are amazing. Lay offs are in the non engineering side.
    Jan 19 1
    • Apple hJdJ14
      Just updated the post. I’m talking about San Mateo office. Thanks for sharing the insights though
      Jan 19