ISO Comp info for customer training, product/customer education/enablement.

Lucid Software / Cust. Srv. bigbadbear
Sep 17 1 Comment

If you work in training, especially customer facing, it's hard to get good research on what you're worth. I want to help myself, colleagues, and boss to make sure we're comped adequately and fairly.

So if you deliver, build, design, or consult on live or self serve training targeted towards users/clients; I'd love to know more about what your role is and how you're comped.

Or help us out and tag a friend who is in these roles to let them know. It'll help them out a ton too! Thanks in advance for all your help!!


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  • Toast tfPH12
    Senior enablement manager here. base 87500, 15% annual bonus paid quarterly.
    Nov 13 0


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